CND Almond Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion 236ml


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This Silky hand & body lotion is a whipped blend of jojoba oil and vitamin E. Leaves a soft, satin feel and light almond fragrance.

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Hands don’t have to reveal your true age – with regular care and maintenance, you can improve their appearance. CND® SPAMANICURE® products are specially formulated for the unique needs of hands, so they’re ideal for creating younger-looking skin. Almond SPAMANICURE® have an warm, comforting feel and fragrance that soothes overworked hands. Almond Hydrating Lotion from CND® is a daily treat for hands that customers will want to take home with them. Keep yourself stocked up so you can provide them with this tempting product! This silky-smooth formula is comprised of jojoba oil and vitamin E. They come together in a whipped blend that’s ideal for daily moisturizing of hands and body


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