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Phi Brows


Phi Brows


Phi-Brows – A Permanent technique of hyper-realistic eyebrow shaping where the shape is calculated according to facial morphology and golden proportion (phi 1,618).

Why Choose Microblading ? and why choose the Phi-brows method?

Microblading is a procedure that more and more people have become aware of. This is classed as semi permanent but with touch-ups can last a life time, I prefer a more subtle natural look to my work, but I work with you the client to achieve your desired look.

Not all microblading is the same. Education and skill & constant updating of training can vary a Brow Artists work. It can be difficult to choose a Microblading artist because there are wide variances in technique, products used, and price. There are many things to save money on in life. Any procedure on your face, shouldn’t be one of them! Microblading is a long term relationship and will require yearly touch ups. Be meticulous in choosing and artist that will produce work on your face. Check reviews and before & after images of the Artist you choose.

Here are 5 reasons choosing a Phibrows Artist can greatly benefit you.

1. Training: Phibrows Artist’s produce superior work because they follow a very specific method that is taught to them through a live, hands on work shop followed by a rigorous 6-month training course. This course requires the Artist to pass 11 levels of mastery to ensure that their methods and their work maintain a very high standard… the Phibrows standard. No other Microblading Academy in the world has a lengthy, strict, and rigorous program like ours. Other trainings offer 1-day courses, online only courses, and courses where you never train on a real person under the careful supervision of a Master trainer.

2. Tools: PhiBrows methods and tools have been meticulously designed and redesigned to continually aid their trained artists. These methods and tools allow for precise hair-strokes, perfect symmetry, and beautiful eyebrow shape that enhance the natural shape of a client’s face and bone structure. They have been developed from highest quality stainless steel and products made. They are certifiable sterile and go through rigorous testing to ensure perfection. They have the least amount of damage and clean cuts compared to any other microblade on the market! Did I mention that Branko Babic, the founder of Phibrows invented the modern Microblading tool?

3. Products: Their products have been continually tested and reevaluated to produce the highest quality pigments available. These pigments provide colour that stays and do not turn different colours. They are certified to not include any heavy metals found in other permanent makeup pigments. They are also certified vegan and cruelty free. Branko Babic has made it one of his missions to produce the most superior pigments in the world and their team of scientists and physicians have done just that. They are second to none! Because they do not contain heavy metals, they do not change colour, migrate, or cause any reactions with the skin. Phibrows has opened their products and pigments up to other artist for purchase even if they are not Phibrows trained. 1,000,000 procedures have been done around the world using their products and there has never been 1 case of a reaction to them. The Phibrows lab with their chemists and scientist have developed and designed the highest quality and best pigments on the market!

Fact: Phibrows recently pulled out of the China and Brazil market for their government’s marketable approval (their products can still be purchased in these countries, but can not be labeled approved) because they required testing on animals. Phibrows responded that they have never nor, will they ever test their products on animals. Although they did loose marketable money, Branko issued a letter in response stating that the money wasn’t important to him. He values quality and doing the right thing. Respect!

4. Eyebrow Mapping: Through careful assessment and measuring Phibrows Artist create the perfect eyebrows for your face. As a Certified PhiBrow Artist, I use the Golden Ratio of 1.618 to determine the correct proportions of your eyebrows, all individually fitted for your face through a superior eyebrow mapping technique. The Golden Ratio or Divine proportions, are found everywhere in the universe. From animals, nature, the stars, and even the human body. We determine the ideal eyebrows for you, based on your unique bone structure and the proportions of your face. The majority of your 2-3-hour long appointment will be spent on this phase – to determine what shape, hue and thickness is best suited for you. Naturally we will take in account your wishes and specific requests when planning your new brows. Perfection in the shape is an essential part of Phibrows microblading.

5. Safety and Support: Phibrows is the safest procedure available for microblading. Through their staffed physicians, Phibrows has determined which medical conditions and pathology is not suited for microblading as well as which medications that should be avoided. Did I mention that Phibrows is the ONLY microblading academy in the world to have Physician – Artist support? Any Phibrows artist can email a Phibrows physician at anytime and receive medical advice for their clients regarding Microblading. That level of support can not be obtained anywhere else.

As a Phibrows Microblading Artist , I am happy to offer a free consultation to help you see what they can do for your face.

Prices are ……

* Now also offering Powder/Ombre Brows* this is a filled in look {like you have just had your brow tinted} we can decide which is best for you at the consultaton, Powder brows are more sutable fro oily skin.

Phi Microblading  €380 {This includes up-to 2 touch ups 6 weeks apart}

Phi Microblading & Phi Shading €420 {this gives a denser, fuller look & is usually decided at the consultation or at first treatment}

Touch up 12-18mths €150

Touch up 18-24mths €250

A €50 booking deposit is required when booking which is redeemable against your appointment. Their are certain conditions that prevent the treatment , but this is all discussed at your consultation, please check out our Facebook or Insta pages for lots of before & after pics.

“Martina did my eyebrows just before Christmas and I just had my top up (6 weeks later). Because each set of brows is designed just for you, and she follows the natural brow hair, she creates an amazing natural look. I am delighted with them and no longer have to shape them myself, this is totally maintenance free. Martina is very precise, informative, takes great pride in her work and is very experienced. I would highly recommend Martina..”.


“I’ve gotten to know the girls at Zen Beauty over the past few months. I was looking for a new salon in town as I had recently moved and was really impressed with their Instagram page so decided to give them a try. I’ve had several treatments done to date which include hair and beauty.
I’ve had my PhiBrows done with Martina which was a brilliant experience. She put me at ease straight away and it’s clear to see that she takes it very seriously and wants to get brows totally right for every individual client. She is always at the core of the salon and really makes an effort to look after all her special clients which is so nice to see.
Kristen is a total Master hair specialist babe! She has undertaken some hair transformation projects with me and every time delivers to the highest standard. Her knowledge and care for every client is unremarkable and you can tell she is totally tuned in to everyone’s different requests. She is honest and so trustworthy and will really listen to your needs. We are just starting our journey and working towards my hair goals which I know we will reach as she is so respectful to her profession and clients.
From lashes, to waxing, to nails it is a brilliant one stop beauty destination in the heart of Wexford town. The girls all have a wonderful working relationship which creates a great atmosphere at the salon. I wish them all every success for a fantastic future at Zen”


“I got PHIBrows done with Martina!! I was quite nervous going in but Martina put my mind at ease straight away explained every step in detail!! The results were absolutely brilliant I couldn’t have imagined better results. Thank you so much Martina I’m delighted. If you are thinking of getting PHI Brows please consider Martina she is brilliant!!”


“Thanks Martina for my Phibrow consultation. Everything was clearly explained and all my questions were answered. Looking forward to getting them done.”


“I was in with Martina for my second appointment for my Phibrows today & as before my experience was amazing , Martina is a lovely friendly woman & the salon is beautiful , delighted with my new Phibrows too , thanks a million
Michelle x”