Once you’ve tried this celebrity brow treatment, you’ll love your new brows so much there’ll be no turning back!

The 7 steps to Perfect HD Brows:

  • Assesing/Designing: a Zen Beauty Bar Brow Artist will asses a client’s face shape to determine the best brow shape to suit their features.
  • Tinting; a high definition tint is used to highlight or even out eyebrow colour.
  • Waxing; a specially blended wax is used to remove hair from the area followed by an after wax lotion.
  • Threading; threading helps to blend hairs into the brow area.
  • Tweezing; any stray leftover hairs are tweezed for a flawless line.
  • Trimming; scissors are used to trim unruly hairs for a streamlined look.
  • Finishing; the treated skin is soothed using an antiseptic skin calming tonic.  Mineral powders are applied to calm any redness, any gaps are filled in with an eyebrow pencil or palette.


What is HD Brows?

HD Brows is a 7 step eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on design.  It involves a combination of techniques, including tinting, waxing & Threading, using specialist HD Products. There is also a full range of products you can purcahse to enhance your brows in between visits.

How often will I need the HD Treatment?

The length of time your results will last depends on how quickly your hair grows back and how well your hair holds colour.  On average you will need them done every 4 weeks.

Will I get the results I want straight away?

Most people get the HD Brows look immediately.  However, sometimes it takes a few visits for your brows to be perfected.

I have over plucked my brows.  Can I still have HD Brows?

Yes.  Your stylist can put you on a regrowth programme that makes your brows look better between visits, there are HD Brows products that stimulate growth and make your eyebrows appear full and defined.

Can I choose a Shape?

Absolutely.  Brow shapes are tailored to the individual as they have to suit your look and personality.  Your brows can be made dark or light, thick or thin, sharp or soft.  Your input is important in deciding  the best shape and look for you.  Your stylist will consider your hair growth, look , colouring and face shape when deciding on your brow design.